Knights of Valor

A Christian Age of Empires Clan

Location: Oklahoma, United States

Friday, October 14, 2005

New Clan Name: The Knights of Valor!

Hey Guys!

A quick update here. With Age of Empires III set to be released in 6 days, I have set out to make some changes to this blog. Landon and myself have been trying to think up a cool name for our clan and I think we found it! The Knights of Valor, will be (Lord willing) a Christian Age of Empires gaming clan. I hope to post game IP's here as well as tips of the trade and other useful information. Wyatt, Colten and I have been talking about some 4 vs. 4 strategies for clan vs. clan fighting and I think they will turn out well. I have downloaded the Age of Empires Webmaster Pack, and hope to add some cool stuff for it on here soon

That's all for now!


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