Knights of Valor

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Location: Oklahoma, United States

Friday, January 13, 2006

Age3 update and New gamers!

Hey everyone!

New Gamers:

I have some wonderful news to share with all the members of KoV.

First of all, Agent Tim got Age3 for Christmas! I can't wait for some great gaming with him on the new version of Age of Empires. :-)

Also, I just discovered that our good friend David Ketter plays the Counquerors! We will really have to get to gether with him and play a game or two.

Age3 Update:

Paladin has been experamenting with all the civs and has finally settled on his old favorite the Spanish to carry his standerd into the brave new world of Age of Empires III.

I have been playing as the Dutch and the British and have not yet taken my pick between the two. The Dutch have free gold generation, but the British get free villagers with their houses. Right now my online city numbers are at 15 British and 23 Dutch.

Agent Tim has started out as his forefathers civilization the Dutch and likes them so far.

Site Update: I have now added forums which can be found on our sidebar. However the best way to contact us would be through a comment on this site. Well that's all for now!

Please leave a comment if you would like to join a clan of Christian Gamers or would like to get a game together.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Age Of Empires III - A Update

Hello All!

Last Tuesday, my friend Landon(Paladin in the ranking system) and my family drove into town and we picked up two copys of Age3! I got home and installed the three (yes, three) disks, booted it up and began to play. The first thing that struck me was how much better the graphics were in the full version then on the demo, they are much better. There is a new smaller user interface included with the patch, but I don't much care for it. I hopped on the multiplayer matchmaking system(Ensemble Studios Online 2) and hopped into a game. The multiplayer side of the game is incredible! My (British) home city is now up to a level 6 and I am playing better and better with every game. We have set up the Knights of Valor clan on ES2 and hope we can get some more members soon.

Update on the Tribe of Judah clan game:
Last Saturday, the Knights of Valor marched into a friendly battle with the Christian Clan, the Tribe of Judah. The game was long and fierce. It was me as the Chinese and the Kennedy Brothers as the Turks against ToJ's Atown (British) and Talon (Byzantines). Atown made good use of his longbowmen and Talon was devastating to my cavilers with his paladins. After a game of some 2 hours, it came down to a wonder and we won! Both clans fought every well and we look forward to other such games in the future.

That's all for now!

Travis_The_Great (On ESO2) *grin*

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Age of Empires III Demo Patch!

They have fixed the AGE3 demo! Here is the link to the patch!

Update: I discovered that this is the patch to the full game not the demo. It may be a day or two before it is released. It will be located at this link.

A Clan Game!

Hello everyone!

Today I got to talk to Talon, the leader of the Tribe of Judah, Age of Empires clan and got to arrange a game with their clan for the evening of the 22nd of this month from 7-9 CST! I am greatly looking forward to playing with some new people and enjoying some good old fashioned Age of Empires. The game will be played on Age of Kings as they do not have the Conquerors. We are trying for a 3v3, but we might could squeeze some more players in if there is more interest.

Also, Age of Empires III is coming out in 3 days!

That's all for now!

Friday, October 14, 2005

New Clan Name: The Knights of Valor!

Hey Guys!

A quick update here. With Age of Empires III set to be released in 6 days, I have set out to make some changes to this blog. Landon and myself have been trying to think up a cool name for our clan and I think we found it! The Knights of Valor, will be (Lord willing) a Christian Age of Empires gaming clan. I hope to post game IP's here as well as tips of the trade and other useful information. Wyatt, Colten and I have been talking about some 4 vs. 4 strategies for clan vs. clan fighting and I think they will turn out well. I have downloaded the Age of Empires Webmaster Pack, and hope to add some cool stuff for it on here soon

That's all for now!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

How to beat the first Barbarossa campain.

How to beat the first Barbarossa campian.
(1)At the beginning, tell 3 villagers to build a mill next to the berry bushes and tell the other three to build a lumber camp next to the trees.
(2)Send your scout to explore the map for the gray mongals. (The mongals will join your army for 200 gold after you find them) Hint:The mongals village is east of your town.
(3)Get one villager off wood collecting and have him build some houses(2-4) and then a market.(So when you find the mongals you can tribute gold) Then send him back to wood. As you work and gather resources, research "Bow Saw"(at the lumber camp) and "Hand Cart" at the town center. Bow Saw helps you gather wood faster and Hand Cart helps you gather any resource faster as well as carry more resources in one trip.
(4)Build 4 more villagers to bring the total amount up to 5 on food and 5 on wood.
(5)As you can, build 15 more villagers, 5 more on food, then 5 for gold and 5 for stone. Note on Food:As the bushes wear out build farms.
(6)Then pull a villager off wood and have him build a tower at every crossing onto your island. Then send him back to work.IMPORTANT! If you like you can wait until after you are in the Imperial Age. Then you can make bombard towers. If you wish to do this, skip this step and do it after step 7.
(7)As soon as you can advance to the Imperial Age.
(8)When you get to the Imperial Age, pull that villager off wood and have him build a university and 2 stables. Then back to work.(9)At the university, research "Chemistry". Then "Bombard Tower".
(10)Research Treadmill Crane at the university.(it makes villagers build buildings faster)
(11)Have your villager build a bombard tower at all the crossings and a blacksmith shop.
(12)Now for your army. At your stables build 40 paladins,(knights) then research the calvery armor and attack upgrades at the black smith.
(13) With your army done, build 4 monks.
(14)Now to the attack! Pick out a town you wish to attack, and go for the relics! Perple is a good place to go first, then orange, then dark blue, then green. Have you monks get the relics and take them to your monastery. When you get 4 relics, you win!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Tim got the game!

That's right folks. Agent Tim just purchased the full version of Age of Empires! He now has both Age of Kings AND the Conquerors expansion! Whoopee!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Gamers Update!

Hey Guys! Boy, what a fun game. Did you guys enjoy it? I sure had fun. Well here is the updates and the report on the game.

Post-game analysis:

First of all, I want to say you guys were going great! I saw a lot of trading going on between allies, lots of chatting, and troop movements designed to support a ally in a time of need. You guys were really working together! The support was great! Here are the updated stats.

3'rd Tour of Duty
AOE Elder
Wooden Sword
Wooden Shield
Trade: (1)

Wooden Sword
Bronze Shield
Trade: (1)

Wooden Sword
Wooden Shield
Trade: (1)
Cavalry (1)

If you guys think of any other awards you guys got, just let me know! As par to this paragraph of the ranking system.

NOTICE!!! Everyone must watch for themselves to whether or not they have earned an award in a multiplayer, and if you think you have, make the request to a General or Master, and he will review the game to verify it. If the request is refused, then you can ask another GEN or Master.