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Saturday, April 09, 2005

How to beat the first Barbarossa campain.

How to beat the first Barbarossa campian.
(1)At the beginning, tell 3 villagers to build a mill next to the berry bushes and tell the other three to build a lumber camp next to the trees.
(2)Send your scout to explore the map for the gray mongals. (The mongals will join your army for 200 gold after you find them) Hint:The mongals village is east of your town.
(3)Get one villager off wood collecting and have him build some houses(2-4) and then a market.(So when you find the mongals you can tribute gold) Then send him back to wood. As you work and gather resources, research "Bow Saw"(at the lumber camp) and "Hand Cart" at the town center. Bow Saw helps you gather wood faster and Hand Cart helps you gather any resource faster as well as carry more resources in one trip.
(4)Build 4 more villagers to bring the total amount up to 5 on food and 5 on wood.
(5)As you can, build 15 more villagers, 5 more on food, then 5 for gold and 5 for stone. Note on Food:As the bushes wear out build farms.
(6)Then pull a villager off wood and have him build a tower at every crossing onto your island. Then send him back to work.IMPORTANT! If you like you can wait until after you are in the Imperial Age. Then you can make bombard towers. If you wish to do this, skip this step and do it after step 7.
(7)As soon as you can advance to the Imperial Age.
(8)When you get to the Imperial Age, pull that villager off wood and have him build a university and 2 stables. Then back to work.(9)At the university, research "Chemistry". Then "Bombard Tower".
(10)Research Treadmill Crane at the university.(it makes villagers build buildings faster)
(11)Have your villager build a bombard tower at all the crossings and a blacksmith shop.
(12)Now for your army. At your stables build 40 paladins,(knights) then research the calvery armor and attack upgrades at the black smith.
(13) With your army done, build 4 monks.
(14)Now to the attack! Pick out a town you wish to attack, and go for the relics! Perple is a good place to go first, then orange, then dark blue, then green. Have you monks get the relics and take them to your monastery. When you get 4 relics, you win!