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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Age Of Empires III - A Update

Hello All!

Last Tuesday, my friend Landon(Paladin in the ranking system) and my family drove into town and we picked up two copys of Age3! I got home and installed the three (yes, three) disks, booted it up and began to play. The first thing that struck me was how much better the graphics were in the full version then on the demo, they are much better. There is a new smaller user interface included with the patch, but I don't much care for it. I hopped on the multiplayer matchmaking system(Ensemble Studios Online 2) and hopped into a game. The multiplayer side of the game is incredible! My (British) home city is now up to a level 6 and I am playing better and better with every game. We have set up the Knights of Valor clan on ES2 and hope we can get some more members soon.

Update on the Tribe of Judah clan game:
Last Saturday, the Knights of Valor marched into a friendly battle with the Christian Clan, the Tribe of Judah. The game was long and fierce. It was me as the Chinese and the Kennedy Brothers as the Turks against ToJ's Atown (British) and Talon (Byzantines). Atown made good use of his longbowmen and Talon was devastating to my cavilers with his paladins. After a game of some 2 hours, it came down to a wonder and we won! Both clans fought every well and we look forward to other such games in the future.

That's all for now!

Travis_The_Great (On ESO2) *grin*


Blogger Rod said...

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8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love aoe and if u got aoe3 and u play over eso,add me> fecas and then u can play against me

5:46 PM  
Blogger Travis said...

Hey man!
Thanks for looking me up! I will try and add you next time I am on ESO. :-)

Travis the Great

10:11 PM  

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