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Friday, January 13, 2006

Age3 update and New gamers!

Hey everyone!

New Gamers:

I have some wonderful news to share with all the members of KoV.

First of all, Agent Tim got Age3 for Christmas! I can't wait for some great gaming with him on the new version of Age of Empires. :-)

Also, I just discovered that our good friend David Ketter plays the Counquerors! We will really have to get to gether with him and play a game or two.

Age3 Update:

Paladin has been experamenting with all the civs and has finally settled on his old favorite the Spanish to carry his standerd into the brave new world of Age of Empires III.

I have been playing as the Dutch and the British and have not yet taken my pick between the two. The Dutch have free gold generation, but the British get free villagers with their houses. Right now my online city numbers are at 15 British and 23 Dutch.

Agent Tim has started out as his forefathers civilization the Dutch and likes them so far.

Site Update: I have now added forums which can be found on our sidebar. However the best way to contact us would be through a comment on this site. Well that's all for now!

Please leave a comment if you would like to join a clan of Christian Gamers or would like to get a game together.



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